True sustainability

Plastitex' 3 Ps: Products, Processes, People

Generate profit to provide employment with a special focus on the wellbeing of the planet.

Products: performance and sustainability

It is clear that the high performance required by the current market demands materials with PVC components. At the same time, today more than ever, sustainability is no longer an option but a shared responsibility.
Plastitex was the first company to strive to achieve an entirely sustainable and recyclable product solution. Plastitex developed the exclusive Ecolefine range ten years ago.
Today we are the only company that is able to provide this type of material and to have achieved this result in the context of environmental sustainability. With Ecolefine, Plastitex provides the market with a fabric developed for specific applications and for the needs of the outdoor world in particular: a sustainable material that also satisfies design and colour requirements.
The decision to make a truly sustainable choice is now in the hands of our customers who can choose whether to invest in a new material or a different material that provides improved performance compared to other fabrics. Processes

People: area professionalism

Present in the North-East of Italy since its foundation, the company is now in its third generation and has been a determining factor for local area growth and production consolidation over the years.
An entrepreneurial decision to tie itself to the local area, which allowed  the creation and development of professional skills within the local area that have now become irreplaceable. Such knowledge and skills have allowed the company to grow and consolidate its role as leader.
Decision durability over time has been transformed into a CSR plan that allows us to collect and analyse our results within a clear framework; we believe that clarity leads to improvement and that this will make out action more effective in our actions, as relates to both our products and our processes

Processes: the Green PVC sector

Plastitex has chosen to be part of the Green PVC sector, a network of suppliers with a common approach to sustainability and work together to place on the market products that are safe for the health of the environment, workers and consumers. The Green PVC sector guarantees that the end product always complies with the latest European and international sustainability regulations.
"We are committed to anticipating the need for solutions to important issues on which we feel we have to intervene. We want to continue to provide solutions in terms of product performance, and to reduce the environmental impact insofar as possible" Sergio Traverso, CEO of Plastitex.
This is our vision of sustainability, a vision that we have been able to follow over the years thanks to continued ownership of the company, which has resulted in long-term, strategic decision-making