Our approach

Our fabrics help people spend time at work, at home, outdoors and with others. We want to ensure that people experience the very best of these spaces, when it comes to both aesthetics and materials. People, needs and the way in which environments are used change over time. This is what drives our research and the continuous innovation that combines materials, creates new colours and weaves and brings ideas to life. We want to continue developing competitive solutions that release the material’s huge potential while protecting the environment.
In the early Sixties we introduced technical fabric to the sea market and revolutionised the industry. We were the first to experiment by combining different yarns and vinyl polymer thus creating entirely new products that are exceptionally pleasant to touch. We were also the first company to introduce 100% recyclable fabrics, after years of research and hard work.
In 2011, we were the first to present tubular knit fabric and flat mesh fabric at Maison & Objet in Paris in partnership with Jaquiò and Moroso.


MilestMilestone Light TSPone Light TSP

Part of the Classics range, Milestone Light TSP is the first fabric specifically developed for sun loungers.


Millestone Heavy TBO

The Millestone Heavy TBO Basics Line fabric was developed for sun loungers.

It is particularly resistant to salt and weathering.


Classic Basics Net Medium TRO

Creation of the Classic Basics NET Medium TRO, a mesh fabric developed for
director chairs and later applied to all garden products.


Classic Basics Square Light TWL

Extremely resistant fabric developed for all beach and sea accessories.


Classic Basics Net Cross TWH

Fabric now known as TWMG.



Establishment of the Jaquiò brand that interprets contemporary design codes from a new perspective: the brand develops indoor and outdoor furnishing products with a strong identity.


iMediterranei: polymer with a rustic finish

A new polymer was developed for the iMediterranei range; the fabric has a rustic hand that simulates the sensation of natural raw yarns.


Registration of the iMediterranei® trade mark

Registration of the iMediterranei® trade mark, a range of traditional and
rustic fabrics developed using natural yarns.


Registration of the Jaquiò® Italian and international trade mark

Italian and international trade marks were registered for the Jaquiò design range.


Patented fabric with polymer and chenille yarn

Registration of the trade mark for a new technical fabric with two yarns:
a polymer yarn and a chenille yarn. An extremely resistant yet soft fabric.


New fabric with elastic core

Particularly suitable for seats, this new fabric stands apart for its elastic


New yarn-free polymer fabric


Filing of the halogen-free recyclable fabric patent

The patent for a new halogen-free, 100% recyclable yarn was filed.


New sock fabric with internal braid

A new tubular sock fabric developed with Plastitex yarns with internal braid motifs


Registration of the trade mark for the Ecolefine® range

Registration of the new Ecolefine® trade mark for a fabric range that protects the environment while maintaining quality and high technical performance.


The Amarcord deckchair range was developed

A deckchair that uses refurbished wood recovered from Rimini's beaches for its frame,
embellished with recyclable Ecolefine fabric.


Pop Soft with Amaite fabric was developed

The Jaquiò trade mark developed a soft, durable outdoor cushion boasting an Amaite fabric coating.


The tubular mesh fabric was developed

The first tubular mesh fabric was developed using Plastitex yarns. Breathable and resistant, the fabric is suitable for internal furnishings and accessories.


The first loose knit fabric was developed

A mesh fabric with Plastitex yarn was developed. The fabric is highly resistant and particularly suitable for indoor and outdoor furnishings.


The Brigitte tubular mesh cushion was developed

Jaquiò created Brigitte, a cushion lined with Plastitex tubular mesh. Suitable for
indoor and outdoor furnishings, this fabric is breathable and highly resistant.


The lace Plastitex curtain was developed

The first knit fabric lace tent was developed. Suitable for furnishing interiors and exteriors.


The Extras webbing and accessories range was developed

After launching its fabric ranges , Plastitex launched an accessories and webbing range that stands apart in terms of quality and resistance.


The Skin Contact polymer material was developed


Registration of the Amaite Line® trade mark

Registration of the trade mark for the Amaite® range featuring comfortable fabrics with a soft hand thanks to the use of chenille yarn.


Sea market design artwork patent

Filing of a patent for fabric for the sea range that is particularly resistant to
salt and weathering.


Office furnishing artwork patent

The patent was filed for a fabric that is especially comfortable, adaptable and resistant thanks to the different pitch of the weft, especially developed for office seats.