Customising our mission

There is a market that requires diverse, custom products that provide added value, a market that demands custom projects that anticipate future trends. The starting point is always the same: customer requirements and a willingness to develop new high-performance products in line with customer expectations. We are the company that puts them in a position to do so.
We are one of the few companies in the world that manages the entire production process and can thus customise every stage of the process, from the raw material through to the spinning and product creation. This is the added value we provide, which is determined by the market.
We are able to satisfy diametrically opposing needs: those after serial production lots with very high quality standards and those who need custom products in smaller production lots and a custom product that complies with all the quality standards established by the more stringent certifications.
Our organisational flexibility allows us to achieve this and to constantly intervene and reschedule production in line with projects and specific customer requirements.
This is our competitive advantage and is what sets us apart and makes us unique in the industrial textile production industry: our ability to offer serial production at a competitive price while maintaining the high quality of the materials, to have the design skills to provide advice and guarantee the technical performances of custom solutions.

Our ambition is to be international market leader and a point of reference for a market that requires a custom product with increasingly high levels of performance.

Tailored projects