Our mission is product performance

We guarantee exceptionally high levels of technical performance and mechanical strength and certify the absence of harmful substances and weathering resistance. All this ensures product durability and reliability.

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We are the market leader in developing customised high-performance polymer fabrics.

Truly sustainable

In 2000 we developed a fabric similar to Ecolefine, the first halogen-free, 100% recyclable fabric. Sustainability also means a corporate policy that promotes respect for the land and all its stakeholders.

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Progettiamo soluzioni su misura per le esigenze del cliente

Sappiamo interpretare e soddisfare le esigenze tecniche e stilistiche di ogni azienda e designer. Supportiamo il cliente in ogni fase della lavorazione, per realizzare prodotti unici che anticipano i trend.

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Not just creators
but trendsetters

We team up with companies and designers of international repute in the constant pursuit of new solutions that will take the industry by storm. Products we have launched on the market are now considered evergreen. We help customers create innovative custom products.

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We stand for italian excellence in the world

We perfectly reflect the Made in Italy culture, which is one of the reasons that more than 150 companies across the world have chosen to work with us. Key international furniture and design companies have chosen our fabrics when developing their products. We now operate in more than 15 countries around the world.

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Visionaries for more then 50 years

In the 1960s, Ugo Traverso invented a completely new, synthetic fabric offering superior performance for application to natural fabrics. Today, we continue our pursuit for innovation through the Plastitex Research & Development Centre.

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